Every moment you don't talk, you increase the chance that the team will come for you, to rescue your ass.

Scott [to Bryan]

Riley: Did [Bryan] just ...
Christina: He just sacrificed himself to buy the others some time.

There's not there's a Tibetan monastery in my future or anything like that.

Bryan [to Mejia]

Asha: Do you really care if [Asha's parents] like you? That's so sweet.
Bryan: Now you're making fun of me.

Bryan: You really have kids?
Scott: They're the reason I do this work.
Bryan: You're crazy.
Scott: That's the other reason I do it.

Maybe you should stop praying for solutions and start trying harder to be one.

John [to Pastor George]

Brant: What is that [looking at a syringe]?
Christina: Natural causes.
Brant: You can't do that.
John: For officers in the field? Are you kidding?

Bryan [to Col. Kuznikov]; The good news is your wife's having a baby. The bad news is it's not yours.

Riley: With all that's happened, I wonder if you should be trusting other people's assets.
Christina: Or other people, period.

You guys figured it out yet? You've got to turn the power on first.

Christina [to Brant and Cy]

Scott: How many months?
Tatjana: Too many.

Yuri: Can I tell you something?
Becca: What is it?
Yuri: Please don't hurt her.

Taken Quotes

John [to captured gunman]: Didn't she just tell you it would be impossible to say nothing forever?
Gunman: You cops?
Becca: Please.
John: If you haven't figured it out already, your life is now in our hands. If I were you, I'd learn to live in the moment.

Bryan: Excuse me to lookng out for my little sister.
Cali: All grown up now.