You can't just poke around and expect to find a supernatural train station.


Malia: He's my anchor.
Peter: We'll get you a new anchor. He's not coming back. He was hunted. He got caught.
Malia: You don't believe that. You risked your life to bring us his keys.
Peter: I risked my life to escape the hunt, not to reunite sentimental teenagers.

Scott: There must be something you want.
Ghost Rider: There is only the hunt. No one resists. No one escapes.

We are the Wild Hunt. Those who hunt with us hunt forever.

Ghost Rider

You have no self preservation instincts. How are you my daughter?


You are so very loyal, Malia, and that is an overrated quality.


Lydia: You are afraid to remember him because you are afraid of what it means.
Noah Stilinski: Why do you care so much if I remember him?
Lydia: Because you loved him.

Mr. Ghost Rider, ahem, Mr. Rider. We'll let you out if you tell us how to get our friend back.


I don't know how you knew this was here. If you want to discuss the possibility that I had a son, I'm listening.

Noah Stilinksi

His mom conjured him to fill the void she felt after the Wild Hunt passed through Canaan. Mom, what if Sheriff Stilinski is filling a void? What if he's filling it with Claudia?


Melissa: He has 3rd degree burns over 90% of his body. I should be telling you to say your goodbyes.
Malia: It's Peter. I don't need to say goodbyes. I need you to fix him, so we can find out what he knows about the Wild Hunt.
Melissa: Remember who we are dealing with. Your father is a ruthless con man who always has a devious plan to hurt everyone around him. What happens when he gets up out of that bed? You got a plan of your own?
Malia: I have a plan. I don't know if it is devious.
Melissa: At least it's a plan.

You are trying to catch a ghost rider? A million things could go wrong. That's a terrible idea!


Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 7 Quotes

What if this was his room? What if this means we had a son?


Malia: Can you give me a second alone with Theo?
Hayden: Why?
Malia: So I can kill him!