It's a lot different being on it than watching it on your couch at home.


I might be sick on the mat because we don't want to lose.


Brooke: The fish smell isn't too bad, I think.
Claire: No, it's pretty bad.

I'm the one who has the guts in this relationship.


Going down was awesome. Going up's a bitch.


My arms hurt just opening this route info.


Mallory: It's giving me a wedgie.
Gary: what's a wedgie.
Mallory: it's like when it goes up your butt.
Gary: ok.

I think we picked the right person to do this.

Michael (laughing)

Kevin: The roadblock said who has strength, stamina and guys.
Michael (laughing): I don't have none.

Kevin: I'm glad I chose this and not my Dad. No offense Dad.
Michael (laughing): Have fun, Kevin.

You're very inspiring.

Nat (sarcastically)

I haven't eaten meat in 22 years.


The Amazing Race Season 17 Episode 5 Quotes

We know enough about the race where if there's a little glass of water on the table, that's a bad sign.


This is not Amazing Friends, this is Amazing Race.