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Eye of the tiger, baby. Eye of the tiger.


Sound pollution drowns out God's music and no one cares.


Dembe: Those were powerful words, Raymond.
Raymond: Yes, they were. I wish I could believe them.

[Glen's] dug in like a deer tick.

Red [to Dembe]

Raymond: What's going on?
Glen: Hammertoe.
Raymond: I'm not talking about your feet.

What I think is that you think too much.

Liz [to Aram]

Your enthusiasm is duly noted. As is your tardiness.

Cooper [to Aram]

Liz: Is everything OK?
Raymond: I have a sinking feeling it isn't.

Aram: This may be an odd time to mention it but the men in my family have a low sperm count.
Elodie: You're right. This is an odd time.

We may not have bigger lives but we have each other.

Elizabeth [to Raymond]

We're going to forego your offer to surrender. Wish us luck.

Raymond [to Cornelius]

Cassandra, do you know what this means? The butler did it.

Raymond [to Cassandra]
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The Blacklist Quotes

Just because you’ve been bumped up to first chair in the orchestra doesn’t mean you can compose a symphony.


Eye of the tiger, baby. Eye of the tiger.