Nora: I just stopped by the lab to pick up your blue suit. I figured you'd had enough of the green.
Barry: Hey, I made that green suit work, though.

Barry When I first met Leonard Snart, he was a criminal. Probably the worst criminal in the city. But I knew there was a good person in there somewhere, and look at him. Turned out to be a legend. Died a hero.

If we don't believe in people, who will?


Cisco: Pretty sure that's not your line.

Barry: Tell her she's your lightning rod.
Oliver: I'm not saying that.
Barry: Just say it, trust me. It works every time!

Iris: You, Barry Allen, have always been and will always be, the man that I love.
Barry: No matter what mask I wear I will always show you my true face.
Iris: I need you to promise me something, Barry. Promise me that when we figure out who did this to you and when you get your speed back and you're finally back in my arms, that you'll come back to me.
Barry: Of course I'll come back.
Iris: Barry I heard what you said right before you took that shot. You're the Green Arrow now. But please don't become Oliver Queen.

Barry: If you touch her-
Oliver: I didn't touch her!
Barry: You thought about it!

I have a vibe about you.

Thawne [To Cisco]

Thawne: Dawn, if I’m not mistaken?
Nora: Nora.
Thawne [To Barry]: Oh, that’s nice. At least you still have one.

Barry: If anything goes wrong, do exactly as I say.
Nora: Do things usually go wrong?

You look like you’re having a bad day. Is it because I threw your dagger into outer space? Or is it because you just realized you didn’t kill me?


Barry: Nora people need The Flash.
Nora: I need my dad.

The Flash Season 5 Quotes

If we don't believe in people, who will?


But...I put my war face on! This is my war face. That was my war face, Ralph.