God, you are so beautiful.


The truth is there's not enough justice in the world for Grace and if I don't let go of the past I'm gonna lose my future too. You didn't just lose your daughter on 7/15, you lost your husband too. I see that now.


Lady, we are out there fighting every day, losing people, while you hide in here like a frickin' Lizard of Oz.


Look, I get it. Suppress and repress, it's the Strucker way, but I was raised a fighter.


Andy, you're a VonStrucker. Stop them however you have to. Promise me.


I know him more than you can imagine, and I'm telling you. He left us.


Don't do drugs.


You really wanna get me in the mood? Finish the dishes.


Polaris: So how's Carmen doing?
Eclipse: OK, baby, you don't understand.
Polaris: I saw you with her, I think I understand perfectly.

Reed: I can't change the past.
Caitlin: I know. But right now she doesn't need a prosecutor. She needs a dad.

Sage: It's not run by the government, It's a private military contractor. Trask Industries.
Reed: Trask Industries? They shut down in '06.
Thunderbird: How do you know that?
Reed: My father worked there for 35 years.

Don't think of them as spies. Think them more as weapons. All we have to do is get them inside. The Hounds will take it from there.


The Gifted Quotes

The X-Men? The Brotherhood? We don't even know if they exist anymore! We're alone and we are getting picked off one-by-one.


Stop right there. Let me be clear -- Andy needs help and if he doesn't get it, I will sue this school into oblivion.