Polaris: You think this is a joke?
Wes: Whatever.
Polaris: You guys don't understand. You're going to need to depend on each other just to survive! You wanna make it out there? You gotta work hard in here!

Eclipse: Hello?
Carmen: It's me. Catch you at a bad time?
Eclipse: Carmen? What do you want?
Carmen: I'm collecting on our agreement. I call, you come. Remember, mi Amor? I helped you rescue your magnet-girl Time for you to pay me back and if you don't, my next call is to Sentinel Services.

Dreamer: You were chosen for a reason. The X-Men said a war is coming!
Thunderbird: They didn't say we'd win.

Thunderbird: I was wrong, I should have saved him. I'm starting to think the X-Men maybe made a mistake choosing me to be part of the underground
Dreamer: Johnny, you can't think that way! I know you want to live to who your father was, but you are doing all you can.

Thunderbird: Everyone, just calm down!
Tex: Calm down?! This dude's job was to lock up people like us.
Lauren: Just listen! My dad prosecuted mutants, he did. When he found out about us, he stood up to Sentinel Services!
Tex: Yeah, by wearing a tracker in my bar.
Andy: Hey, back off my dad!
Reed: Andy! I was doing what I had to do to get back to my family. I realize that was wrong!
Tex: And I'm sorry, that's it, right?

Eclipse: When you were away I heard from the prosecutor...I heard
Polaris: You heard about the baby?
Eclipse: I know you have been through a lot, I just want to know. Is it alright?
Polaris: Yeah I think! I can feel it, almost the way I can feel metal or electricity, it's in there, inside me. My baby. Our baby.

Jace: Did Grace wait up for me? Come on, I know it's late, I just want to tucker her in, a little frog-and-toad.
Paula: Jace...you want to talk to our daughter?
Jace: Why are you looking at me like that?
Paula: Oh God...oh God what did they do to you?!
Jace: Baby, you're freaking me out, what's going on? Where's Grace?
Paula: Grace is gone!
Jace: What do you mean?
Paula: We lost her...we lost our baby.
Jace: Why would you say that?
Paula: We lost our little girl.
Jace: That's...
Paula: Grace is dead! She died four years ago!
Jace: What did they to me...I don't, it's not possible...
Paula: She is gone, Jace!

Clarice: Hey! I need to talk to you! Did you mess with my head?
Dreamer: What do you mean?
Clarice: I watching you with the Sentinel Services guy and then I remembered something. Last week the two of us started to have a conversation and now that conversation is just gone. And now I can't go 10 minutes without this memory of John coming back to me. I'm asking you straight up, did you mess with my head?
Dreamer: You couldn't use your abilities. Johnny was in trouble and if you were going to help, you needed a connection to him.
Clarice: You had no right! Were you ever going to tell me?

That's interesting. Do you want to tell me what my prosecutor is doing in a cell?


Jace: Damn it! Go after them!
Agent: They're out in the open now, we'll get them.
Jace: I don't want just them! Shut down every safehouse, every sympathizer or anyone who has ever helped them. I want them all!

Clarice: I just have to ask. The night that we first met, did we go outside together or something?
Thunderbird: No, we did not.
Clarice: Right, that's what I thought. You know, I'd remember if we went outside and came back in.

Congratulations...on figuring out you're one of the bad guys. So what? If you would have thought about it a little longer, you wouldn't have destroyed so many lives? Huh?! You want forgiveness? Ask the little boy, who I strapped into a bus, while he screamed begging to join his mommy in prison where you sent her? You know what, ask the hundreds of families whose lives you and your friends ruined? Don't ask me!


The Gifted Quotes

The X-Men? The Brotherhood? We don't even know if they exist anymore! We're alone and we are getting picked off one-by-one.


Stop right there. Let me be clear -- Andy needs help and if he doesn't get it, I will sue this school into oblivion.