Dr. Welk. Dr. Welk. He is dead.


I don't want my decision about my marriage to be decided by an operation.


What's more likely to interfere with moving on? A parrot in a drawer or your ex in your bed?


Lea: Shaunie! Go to the hospital.
Shaun: No. I already scheduled this date with you.
Lea: Someone else needs you more than I do.

Asher: Aortic bypass?
Shaun: Too risky.
Lim: It may be our only option. He'll die without intervention.
Shaun: He'll probably die either way.

You are not very good at your jobs and I am not very good at teaching you. So we will take it one step at a time.


Morgan: When was the last time you dated someone?
Park: When was the last time you acted like a human being?

Man: Do I detect an accent?
Asher: No. I mean, I used to have one, but I worked really hard to get rid of it.
Man: East European?
Asher: Brooklyn. I grew up Hasidic but I left the religion and my family behind a long time ago.
Man: It couldn't have been easy growing up, knowing you were a... doctor. You know, in my generation, people would beat you up, bash you. Be grateful you can live your life as who you are.
Asher: I don't know what you went through. Please don't presume to know what I did.

Brendan: Is that him?
Claire: We need you to make a decision.
Brendan: I'm not sure I"m the right one... I mean, right now, I hate her.
Park: You're angry. You're hurt. Because you love her.

Lim: I told you, you have to trust them.
Shaun: I don't.
Lim: Then act like you do. Go away.

Asher: Ballet master. So are you a dancer?
Man: Oh God, no. I'm the CEO. At my age, I'd be the Betty White of ballet.
Asher: Is she a dancer too?

How often do you get these symptoms? I just ask cause your boyfriend doesn't seem to recognize them.


The Good Doctor Quotes

Dr. Welk. Dr. Welk. He is dead.


Hello, I'm Dr. Shaun Murphy. I'm a surgical resident at San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital.