Attorney: I represent Paul Johnson and he has been f*cked over by your client.
Diane: Is that a legal term?

Vote with me, Barbara. Adrian will have his input, but he's the head and your the heart, as far as I'm concerned. Help me put the heart first.

Carl Reddick

We once stood for something important. The only thing we stand for now is making money. As far as I'm concerned that means we stand for nothing.

Carl Reddick

Attorney: How's that? Does that satisfy your Harvard education?
Diane: I didn't go to Harvard.
Marisa: Neither did I.

Henry: I'm telling the truth.
Maia: Your alternative truth?

Maybe they're part of some secret society of rich assholes.


Judge: Is that what you're doing?
Elsbeth: No, your honor. I wish I was that smart.

Mike Kresteva: Mrs. Tascioni, you've bitten off way more than you can chew.
Elsbeth: Really? I can chew a lot.

Ma'm, you're an acquired taste, and I don't think I've acquired it yet.


You're a clown. What's worse is you're a smart clown, who occasionally has a point. A point you destroy by mixing it up with racism and misogyny you probably don't even believe. When you were little someone rejected you or made fun of you and now you get to be one of the mean ones making fun of others.


Marisa: One of the alt-right boys really likes me. He thinks I'm one of them.
Diane: How do you even know...
Marisa: It's nothing. They're easily confused when women offer them attention.

Realtor: Young love. It's infectious.
Marisa: Like the plague.

The Good Fight Quotes

Bad things happen to good people.


Maia: Are we on the right side on this one?
Diane: We're on a necessary side. People I thought with all my heart were guilty turned out to be innocent and people I thought were saints, they weren't. That's why you don't go on instinct. You wait, you listen and watch. Eventually everyone reveals himself.