I don't usually cry at movies, but that one was pretty good. That girl was hot. That guy was too.


Eleanor: That would be erasing...
Chidi: Us. I know.

Eleanor: Jason, talk to no one, go nowhere, do nothing.
Jason: I won't let you down.

The Bad Place didn't pick the worst people. They picked the people who would be the worst for us.


Eleanor: I became such a good person I almost forgot I'm a world class liar baby.
Chidi: Very fun thing to hear from your girlfriend. You're doing great.

Fun little update. Michael was feeling a bit overwhelmed, so new plan. I'm the architect.


Your big revelation...is life is complicated?


Eleanor: I mean bleh! What am I saying? This house is stupid and you're lame and I hate you.
Chidi: I love you too.

Can someone grab my tiny boyfriend please?!


Michael: If you eat anything at this IHOP you will literally explode.
Jason: Yeah, I know. It's IHOP.

This is how I always got out of Escape Rooms! If you break enough stuff they throw you out!


Tahani: Why are you crying?
Jason: I just like being a part of things.

The Good Place Season 3 Quotes

I almost died. And it made me want to become a better person. Which I did for a while, but then I fell back into my old trashbag ways. But yesterday I saw your lecture and something just clicked.


I saw this place that was at once a Pizza Hut and a Taco Bell! I mean oh! The mind reels! A Pizza Hut and a Taco Bell!