You expect the worst in people, you'll never be disappointed.


Alicia: I have issues on this front. Husbands who screw around, who lie, who leave me in tears.
Lucca: You're not in tears now.

Oh my God! My family needs a full time investigator. That's not normal, is it?


You can slice an opponent to shreds, smiling the whole time, and they come back thanking you.


I've been working with Cary as a fellow named partner for a year. He's learned a lot. I respect him a great deal, but he is no Will Gardner.


Sex is a good replacement for tequila.


Tom is a service animal. He's an emotional support Chihuahua.


I was going to break this bottle if I couldn't get the cork out.


This place is insane.


David: You kinda got a cowboy thing going on, don't ya.
Jason: Not intentionally.

Cary: What are you doing for lunch today?
Lucca: Eating.

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We may be mercenaries but even mercenaries have a code.


Good Wife Quotes

Alicia: No it's just that when you say you're seeing her...I thought she was gay.
Cary: Bi or something.

She tried to steal an election, where else would she go?

Luca Quinn