Eli: So the 27th floor again. Everything comes full circle.
Alicia: Yes first the tragedy, then the farce.

Alicia: How do you keep your beard that length. I mean at a certain point you're either clean shaven or you're Abraham Lincoln.
Jason: No, it stays like this, since birth.

You did end up with Will. You act like I prevented the love affair of the ages but you two did end up together and I did not keep you from doing that.


I am 30 years old and I don't have a single friend but I want to be your friend. I mean, you have a ring or something because I'll commit because that's the one thing you can choose, me.


You are here because I need you here. I don't like people but I like you.


Was it all about having two kids who I don't even know if I like anymore and then shoving them off to be someone important? Seriously, was that the point? I just, I hurt. I want it over. I just want it to end.


Seriously, are you going to hate the whole world right now?


Judge: Are you out of your tiny, little mind Mrs. Florrick?
Alicia: You don't need to say little when you say tiny, one or the other will do.

Eli: Six years ago, Alicia got a voicemail from a friend, someone who was in love with her.
Marisa: Will?
Eli: Yes, how do you know that?
Marisa: I have eyes.

If you think today was crazy, tomorrow will show you how insane democracy can get.


When you realize you don't know what life's about, that's truth.


Cary: You committed fraud.
David Lee: No, I committed selective depositing.

Good Wife Quotes

Alicia: No it's just that when you say you're seeing her...I thought she was gay.
Cary: Bi or something.

She tried to steal an election, where else would she go?

Luca Quinn