Lipson: Here she is baby Eleanor.
Julia: I don’t remember naming her Eleanor.
Penny: That’s ‘cuz we didn’t.
Lipson: People name their kid after their doctor all the time. It’s a thing that happens.
Penny: Sure.

Eliot: She’s not coming back.
Josh: You don’t know that.

Martin: What is this?
Seb: The end of Fillory.
Martin: Well, that hardly seems sporting.

Penny: Come with me if you want to live.
Margo: Penny?
Penny: Yeah, sorry, Josh wanted me to say it. It seemed real important to him. C’mon.

Fen: I’ve never cast magic before.
Margo: And you’re not casting now Fen.
Fen: I’m just happy to be included. I feel all tingly. Is that what casting magic feels like?
Margo: Too late to swap her out for Kady?

Alice: I know something that might help.
Kady: You cracked the code on moon circumstances?
Alice: Nope.
Margo: Then what the hell is your plan.
Alice: My plan is I am going to accept exactly everything I am right now.
Margo: Instagram that nonsense later girl.
Alice: Every single good and shitty part, and especially the shit. I suggest we all do it. We have to acknowledge it in order to adjust for it in your casting. Internal circumstances is the one thing we can control. One hand is plenty. I’m ready.

Alice: It’s ready Fen.
Fen: Do I just?
Alice: Talk to it. Your memories.
Fen: Uh, I remember the Silver Banks and Chatwins’ Torrent and, uh, the Shankly Boar – uh, that was weird. I, uh, there’s Robin Bay, and…
Josh: Nothing’s happening.
Margo: Fuck Fen.
Alice: You can’t just describe it. You need to give it your memories.
Fen: Oh OK, my Fillory. I remember the first time I saw a Pegasus. I was 10. Only in Fillory. I remember the first time I saw my dad use magic to make a knife, and then he wouldn’t show me because I’m a girl. I remember my dad gave me away to a stranger, and that’s when I realized Fillory kinda sucks sometimes.
Josh: What are you doing?
Fen: I’m taking about my Fillory. That place could be, uh, backwards as shit, and I’m thinking I don’t want to replicate that.
Josh: We kinda need a wellspring, so…
Fen: Right. Can I just have the best of Fillory, the best of us, of earth, plus the best of those cool movies Todd and I watched. That’s the home I want. That’s what we deserve.

Lipson: How does it feel?
Fogg: Like I’m holding a goddamn crazy cat, and the fur is ruining my custom suits.
Lipson: No wonder all those Bond villains were so pissy. Bright side, you can actually complain while you’re holding it.
Fogg: What a joy.

Julia: Where should we start?
Penny: I guess at the top.
Julia: I’m sorry there’s always another quest. I know you wanted to just…
Penny: Make a home?
Julia: Yeah.
Penny: Yeah, and this is a bat shit way to do it, but it is a way. Plus, someone’s gotta find those idiots.
Julia: Shit’s never what we think it’s gonna be.

Fen: This definitely isn’t Fillory.
Alice: But it’s not not Fillory. It kinda smells the same way.
Margo: The opium made it. That’s a plus.
Josh: I passed a field of bacon – crispy. Is that a Fillory thing?
Alice: More of a me thing.
Josh: Well, the arm is breathable, food galore, no predators in the vicinity. Is it time? No?
Alice: If we let them out we have to tell them we’re utterly lost, no idea where are, and not a bunny in sight to get a message to our friends.
Fen: And they’ll be homesick and scared and cranky and hungry.
Margo: We’ll have to build infrastructure from scratch.
Fen: So, who wants to do the honors?
Margo: You carried the whole world in your cooch. You earned it.
Fen: Thanks for saying that, but new Fillory needs a leader, and as its literal birth mother I feel I get to say I hereby dub thee, High King Margo the Creator.
Josh: Whoo.
Margo: Fine, make a meal out of it. You guys know our lives about to get even weirder in some insane way we can’t possibly predict.
All: Yes.
Josh: I find that somehow perversely comforting.
Alice: So do I, and that’s how I know it’s our story.

Eliot: Charlton, in Hyman-esque form.
Charlton: Here you are in your happy place but you don’t seem happy.
Eliot: I thought being here and teaching would help, but it hasn’t. I miss them. I feel lost and alone without them. Margo, all of them. I even miss Fillory. Do you think… there’s no way Seb survived.
Charlton: Probably not. Fillory’s gone but maybe it’s better now. Maybe now he’s somewhere with someone who loves him. You’re not alone, you now, Eliot. Oh gods, I am still not used to how strong alcohol is.
Eliot: Keep drinking. It’ll come.

Eliot: Charlton, you look like you.
Charlton: I also feel like me. If you touch me but also inside. It’s nice.
Eliot: Well this is weird.
Charlton: Good weird. I have an awkward question. I often ask myself what you’d say and the answer is, ‘Of course not. Don’t be stupid, Charlton. Eliot isn’t the kind of guy…
Eliot: Charlton, ask.
Charlton: I wonder whether you could ever be romantically inclined toward someone like me.
Eliot: Uh, a thousand-year-old Fillorian in a pervert ghost’s body wearing a transfiguration amulet?
Charlton: A man who knows you well, is emotionally available, and plans to stick around.
Eliot: Well shit, Charlton.
Charlton: Are we going somewhere?
Eliot: Upstairs, to explore this further.
Charlton: Fuck.

The Magicians Season 5 Episode 13 Quotes

Alice: Why did you put it there? What if I ignored it?
Santa: But you didn’t. You needed something to get back in the game. You weren’t gonna pass on a mystery you thought your guy was working on. I’m very sorry for your loss.
Alice: It really sucks.
Santa: Well, now you know. That page and wherever that quest took you it wasn’t his story; it was yours Alice. For what it’s worth, I think he’d been really proud of you, the way you keep on fighting. I told you. I told you were good.
Alice: I still don’t know if that’s true.
Santa: Hey, this is how it works: You do your best, you fuck up, you get hurt, people die. Except for the odd microplane, jack shit gets wrapped up in a bow.
Alice: You know you’re a real ray of sunshine Santa.
Santa: Ho ho ho.

Santa: Oh hey, Alice.
Alice: Did I sleep until December?
Santa: I couldn’t resist giving out a few more gifts while I’m here. Given your quest-heavy lifestyle, there’s no guarantee any of you will live to see Christmas. Sit, have a cookie.