Do you know is so awful about this scandalous battle for rights? There is no room left for poetry.


I believe in you, but will you believe in me?

Pope John

I'm a whore.


I detest politics and gossip in equal measure but even in this small state of ours, even the Pope can't avoid matters of vulgarity.

Pope John

Interviewer: Who is Sir John Brannox?
Pope John: A priest who has the good fortune to be loved by God more than he loves himself.

Voiello: How's the movie?
Advisor: Caca.

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Sharon Stone: Cant the Bible be upgraded?
Pope John: The Bible isn't an iPhone.

Sharon Stone: Your Holiness.
Pope John: Miss Stone, please. I would be eternally grateful that during the course of our conversation that you avoided the crossing and recrossing of your legs.
Sharon Stone: Sure.

How many breaths now before he gives a sign?

Pope John

I have been a part of the minority my entire life. In fact, I belong to such a small minority that I am the only member.


Seeing you around all these men makes me swell with pride.


Sister Lisette: If we suspend our strike, what will we get in return?
Voiello: Wi-fi.

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