The savage Mikaelsons heroically defeating an evil. Maybe this will finally earn us redemption.


Keelin: Hey, I got your messages. Are you okay?
Freya: We need to talk, and you're not going to like it.
Keelin: Okay. Just say the first thing that comes to mind and then the next and we'll keep going from there.
Freya: I grew up without a mother, without anybody who loved me and I can't just sit back and watch Hope being taken from Hayley. If Kol doesn't show up, I need to make things right.

I want the King to kneel before me.


For a thousand years, we have been honoring a vow to stay together. Being forced apart feels like torture.


Rebekah: Let me guess: Elijah?
Hayley: Things between us are complicated.
Rebekah: Well, that's a word often used to describe my brother, but this is quite simple. He adores you, Hayley.

I don't care if any of you trust me to be honest because I've been doing something.


Sofya: I don't think she's gone.
Marcel: No, no. Hayley killed her last night.
Sofya: No, Marcel. I can feel her. The Hollow's still out there somewhere. I know she is.

Marcel: Hey.
Sofya: What happened?
Marcel: The Hollow's magic put you in a coma. I got the right ingredients and the help of a witch.

Rebekah: Tell me that you feel nothing for me and I'll never ask again.
Marcel: Rebekah... go.

Freya: You look good for an allnighter.
Keelin: Hey, what are you doing here?
Freya: I just came here to see you.
Keelin: Since the whole greeting me with coffee is totally not you, I am worried about why you're here.

Klaus: You should be celebrating your return, brother.
Elijah: Perhaps later.
Klaus: Hayley's still not talking to you then? Give her time; she'll come round.
Elijah: Will she?

Hayley: You're not Jackson, and you don't deserve to wear his face.
The Hollow: You're right, Jackson was good. And me, I was never good.

The Originals Season 4 Quotes

Josh: Your Royal highness, and to what do I owe this great honor?
Marcel: Take it down a notch.

For a long time, we've managed to keep our monsters buried and we've got to make sure they stay buried. Otherwise, we will lose everything we've built. We will lose it forever.