Dana has your money.


Jeremy: You shouldn't have followed me.
Caitlin: Why?
Jeremy: Get in the car.

I didn't give anything up. I'm exactly where I want to be.


Mona: I'm Mona. I stole your RV.
Taylor: Ali told me. I wasn't expecting you to be so short.

Mona: We can't do this.
Mason: We're just playing chess.
Mona: No, we're not.

You don't fight back. You haven't got it in you.


Gabriel, thank you for the dance.


Ava: Zava for the win.
Zach: Zava?
Ava: Yeah, like hashtag Zava.

Nolan: You've already given me the best gift I've ever gotten.
Ava: And what's that?
Nolan: You.

Until we know more, we have to be careful.


G-A-I-T. Gait. That means we can identify fake Nolan by matching his or her walking patterns.


A teenager out for a joy ride thought he hit a deer. He turned himself in when he heard you were in the hospital.