[regarding Porsha's hair] There's a horse out there like 'Brrrr!'"


If a guy is good looking and crazy and an asshole, I've dated him.


When I moved out of the penthouse suite of Nene's ass, I think she moved in.


We have to apologize to this chick because we've been looking at her like she's a ho for the last three years.


Phaedra's going to be pissed. Apollo's not even my man and I'm pissed.


Kenya: He's going to prison for eight years.
Claudia: His abs are going to be really amazing when he gets out though.

Being friends with NeNe was a full time job. It was a lot more draining than my fibroids could ever be.


Honey, people pay a lot of money to have their asses high.


Threesome. Foursome. Fivesome. None of that works for me, honey. They would have to have a lot of hand sanitizer.


I know exactly my history because I have one that does not include a stripper pole.


My wife and children, they left and the woman I thought was supposed to be there for me and cherish me, she's no where to be found.


Ria is the boss so I let Ria do her thing and I listen to Ria because at the end of the day, Honey I need my check.