Erika and I have very different lives. I'm still waking up and making breakfast for my kids, and snacks and carpool. And meanwhile she's being tossed up in the air by all these good-looking naked guys in Monakos.


When I do finally get a grandchild, I'm going to be Grandma Pinky.


Are we taking the Bentley, mom?


It's expensive to be me, looking this good don't come for free... that's definitely true.


Who cares whether Erika is wearing underwear or not? Who gives a shit? I'm not wearing panties.


I might take Erika home before I take Dorit home.


Being on a team with Kim and Vanderpump... What would our name be? The Exorcist? A lot of spinning heads and green vomit.


Can we get a bottle of rosé out here? And a funnel.


I guess we're at game night, so let the games begin.

Lisa Vanderpump

This night is going to be different. We're going to have fun. We're having sushi, drinks, great food, friends and no... Brandi Glanville.


What kind of games are these? Hunger games?


I don't know much about Erika Jayne's music career, but I do deal with Boy George on a daily basis, so for me it's kind of maybe a hobby of hers?