Hell would freeze over before I will apologize to Eileen Davidson again.

Lisa Vanderpump

I gave them the power to hurt me and I've taken it back.

Lisa Vanderpump

If I could write my own story-arc, I want to do an Erika Jayne story with Ashley Abbott going off across the country and performing at gay clubs.


I think animals are more loyal than people.

Lisa Vanderpump

I went to put her name in my phone and it came out Doritos.

Lisa Rinna

Boy George for the better part of the last 2 years has lived with us. He's like a sister, maybe not so much. He's more like a husband, but like a really, really, really fun Gay husband.

Dorit Kemsley

Here's some words that I don't ever care if I don't ever hear again. Bipolar. Manipulative. Munchausen's. Sniper. Own it

Kyle Richards

I've decided that I would have a Studio 54 party for my birthday. Studio 54 was a fabulous time, it was fun! This is when people were really being free and cocaine wasn't addictive...allegedly

Erika Girardi

I think maybe Eileen Davidson and Lisa Rinna would probably be thrilled if I wasn't part of this circle of friends, but no. I'm coming back stronger than ever!

Lisa Vanderpump

I’m going to be a toothless, boobless, brainless, wonder.


Her closet, it could eat my closet for breakfast.

Kyle Richards

It's like wearing a Lamborghini on your finger.

Kyle Richardson