Sutton: I'm hearing a rumor that the mayor of West Hollywood is here.
Teddi: Oh, you look so excited.
Garcelle: Who's the mayor? Tell me his name.
Sutton: I don't know, I don't live in West Hollywood. I live in Bel Air.
Erika: It's the mayor. It's not Barack.

One day, nine years ago, I said "Hey, Mike, can I use your phone?" and so I look at the phone, and I see a text that said 'I love you.' I go "Hey, what's this?" His face changed, and he said "I've been having an affair." And I said "How long?" And he said "Five years."


Mike Nilon and I were married for almost nine years. We were sort of like the Hollywood couple. I'm an actress and an agent. We would go to fabulous parties, we got these two beautiful boys. Mike was reliable. He was sweet. I really thought this was my last stop.


For me, that is some white people stuff.


Lisa: You sent a cease and desist.
Denise: Who told you that?
Lisa: Oh, you're so angry.

I've never been with a girl. I've only been with a couple.


Teddi, you are a little boring. Are we supposed to be honest, or not?