I have a family, and you are not in it.


Nic: I can't believe you kept this to yourself for so long.
Conrad: It wasn't my proudest moment. I disobeyed an order and it nearly cost my friend and commander his life. I was ashamed.
Nic: You were just doing your job, and so was Nate when he came back for you.

You couldn't make the recital, so we brought the recital to you.


For what it's worth, I'm rooting for you.

Greg [to Bell]

Kit: I should get back to Chastain.
Cain: Tell the new CEO I want to talk to him.
Kit: You just did.

I'm sorry, but the chances of you regaining full-function of your hand are 50% at best.

Kit [to Cain]

Rose: I'm not doing the surgery. The risks are too high.
Devon: I know it's scary, but a hip replacement is your best option, Rose.
Rose: Doctors never get it. You're the one with the medical degrees, but I have to school you on my disease. It's exhausting.
Devon: I know from personal experience that many patients of color aren't heard. Chastain is different. I'm different. Help me understand.

Nic: Hey, talk to me. What's wrong?
Conrad: It's just it shouldn't be clear.
Nic: Why?
Conrad: There should be a bullet next to his spine, and there isn't.
Nic: OK, so the bullet that you're talking about, you think it migrated to another part of his body?
Conrad: Yeah. And I need to help them find it because Hill got shot saving my life.

AJ: I can't justify a CT on a post-op patient just to look for a bullet that might not be there.
Conrad: Since when does my word not carry weight with you?
AJ: Your word always carries weightt, Hawkins. But the event in question was a decade ago, and the patient is personal.
Conrad: My emotions are in check and my memory is just fine.
Nic: Austin is just doing his job.
Conrad: Nope, he's ignoring important information that could save his patient's life.
AJ: Nate is unconscious, it's my call. We will wait for the medical records to confirm what you're saying.
Conrad: If he codes while you're busy dotting your 'i's' and crossing your 't's'...

I need this to sink in, OK? I'm good. I asked Austin to save it for me. This thing has been my constant companion, but I realize I wasn't the only one carrying it for all of these years. That's why I called you. What happened, the choice that I made, it's what we do for each other. You made the exact same choice, so, do me a favor, and throw this away, because when you toss it, I want you to toss away the guilt, and the shame, and anything else that you've been holding onto.


Randall: The CEO job is yours if you want it.
Kit: You're damn right I do.

I won't ignore a patient. That's what happened to my father.


The Resident Quotes

It's not easy. If it were, everyone would be a doctor because it's the best job in the world, despite everything, because of everything. I'll see you tomorrow.


I have a family, and you are not in it.