Screaming won't make this go any faster.


Garrison: There are only two rules: no one sues, no one dies. 

Marshall: I'm gone a matter of weeks, you're in the servant quarters, and my son -- one of the best doctors at Chastain -- is fired?
Bell: I'm not responsible for that.
Marshall: Obviously.

Marshall; So I'm taking advice from a guy who lost two jobs in two weeks.
Bell: Being demoted by these people is an honor.
Marshall: How do we fight back?
Bell: You got a slingshot?

Cain: Dr. Austin.
AJ: Watch the coat. It's custom.

See, I know where the bodies are buried. And I will dig them up to stink in the light of day and bring you to your aging knees if you ever challenge me again. Don't tempt me.


Finn: Hey, you OK man? I mean really?
Conrad: I was so happy. I mean I had my work and the most amazing women in my life. It gave me a purpose. I don't know who I am right now, or who I'll be if I can't be a doctor anymore. I do know whatever that version of me looks like, there's no way Nic deserves that. 

Finn: Medicine is money, but money breeds jerks. But you, you have to knuckle up and get your job back. Hey, if not for yourself, then do it for the patients who are relying on you. Get mad. Go kick some Red Rock ass. Because we are the zero-g brothers, and nobody, and I mean nobody, can keep us down.
Conrad: Zero- G brothers?
Finn: Yeah, for life, and you know what? Guys like us find a way to beat the odds.

AJ: You must have been different once. What happened to you, Barrett?
Cain: I was born the man I am today, and I'm proud of it.

Cain: You will not disobey me again.
AJ: Or what? You'll have me fired like Hawkins? Demoted like Bell? What's the endgame, Barrett? You cut all your adversaries, surround yourself with bootlickers who toe the line. Yeah, that'll work for a hot minute, but I guarantee you it will breed resentment. Corruption. And eventually, Chastain will implode, and you right along with it.

Conrad: I guess you heard I was fired.
Marshall: You know the truth is I always thought it would happen one day. You're a rule breaker.
Conrad: I decided I'm not going to let them win so easily.
Marshall: Son, I've gone toe to toe with a lot of titans in my time. These Red Rock people, you're going to need to bring more than a slingshot to this fight. It's going to get ugly. For all of us. Make sure you know what we're up against.

Red Rock came for me, now I'm coming for them.