Bloody hell, whatever they started to fix, they didn't finish.


Nadine: You speak Urdu?
Devon: Some. There's some overlap with Hindi. 

OBGYN: You got a name?
Adaku: Not yet. For now, let's call her Michelle.
Mina: Obama?
Adaku: You know it.

Bell: Why are you here? 
Cain: For the meeting.
Bell: What meeting? 
Logan: Dr. Bell, we have a problem. Chastain is getting sued. 

Logan: Bell has no idea this gives us the perfect way to get rid of Hawkins.
 Cain: Spiro's out for blood. We're going to give it to him.

Bell: Hawkins, don't worry. You'll be fine. Red Rock's lawyers will be here soon.
Conrad: You haven't always been on my side.
Bell: I am this time.

You're going to perjure yourself? You little bitch.


I want Hawkins gone, but we can't get rid of him without just cause. I want it done clean without any blowback from Marshall Winthrop.


Bell: You clearly still don't understand how things work around here.
Logan: You seem confused, so let me help. Red Rock gave me authority to do whatever necessary to protect Chastain's bottom line, so if Hawkins isn't gone by end of business then today will be your last as CEO. It's him or you.

Well, I saw him cut a line in the cafeteria once.


Devon: It's not my fault.
Conrad: What?
Devon: Rob Spiro. I tried to stop you.
Conrad: What does that have to do with anything?
Devon: Because you're taking it out on me, and Nadine will suffer because of it.
Conrad: I have other patients including ones in ICU, and you were the one who didn't want to work with me.
Devon: Because you tortured a man.
Conrad: Rob Spiro is a murderer.
Devon: And we're doctors. We're supposed to be the ones helping people.
Conrad: And I did.
Devon: You break rules you ignore protocol that is who you are and it is wrong.

Angels will not be ignored.