Since when did you start making business deals?


Cain: What's with the audience?
Conrad: She's one of your scrub nurses.

I'm devastated by this. Do you have any idea how many hours I spent with her? How many times she's had my back in a surgery? Don't suggest I don't care about her. She's not just a member of my team, she's like family to me.


Irving: I let her go.
Devon: No, no. You did not let her do anything.
Conrad: This is not on you or her. If you want to blame someone, blame Red Rock.
Devon:  Assigning blame doesn't help Jessica. Focus on what you can do for her now.

Logan: I'll be overseeing the day to day operations now.
Bell: I oversee the day to day.
Logan:  It's a partnership. 
Bell: No I'm the CEO.

Bell: You threatening me?
Logan: Absolutely not. But I'm trying to show you how much smoother everything will run if we're both on the same team. The shareholders of Red Rock Medical. 

Nic: Today we focus on Jessica. We make sure she's okay. We make sure Irving is okay, but tomorrow ...
Conrad: Tomorrow we keep fighting.

Cain: Let everyone listen to the third-year resident and follow him anywhere. I'm the attending.
AJ: I'm also the attending, and Irving asked Conrad to coordinate care.
Cain: Why don't we go find the nursing student who has been bumbling everywhere. Maybe she would like a say as well.

Devon: Look. We've all been here in medicine where there's no clear answer. We need to work together--
Cain: Now an intern speaks, really? Why don't we just poll all of Atlanta? Maybe everyone should have a voice at Chastain.

Nic: Jessica is only in this situation because you overworked her for weeks.
Cain: Oh, so I'm now responsible for a nurse who didn't know enough to call an Uber?
Conrad: No, but you will be responsible if she arrests on a table because her body can't handle another invasive surgery. 

AJ: Cain cuts when no one else would. So you think he might be doing it again with Jessica.
Conrad: I think he's a cowboy. Who loves surgeons with attitude and even a healthy ego if they put patients first, like you do. 
AJ: Well, I don't mind residents with cajones, but you tread lightly. You just made a dangerous enemy.

I called the CEO at DiaCure. We made a deal. We're going to use their dialysis gear exclusively. You can get the data you need. I just, uh, feel like I have to do something positive. Jessica, she's my favorite of the OR nurses. She's a pistol, and sweet, and a lady. So this one's for her. Wish it were more, but it's all I got.