Marla: How did you get so brave?
Stephen: I learned it from you.

Astrid, when I kiss you next time. It’s not going to be because the world is ending.


You’re the bravest person I’ve ever met, John, and the stubbornest.


John: So that’s it? You just call me to tell that the world’s gonna end?
Astrid: I thought you’d want a heads-up.

Yeah, well, you know what? I’d rather be alive than the blueprint for somebody else’s skin, thank you very much.


You should wear more white, it really brings out your eyes.


Have you see her eat with a fork and knife? No way I’m letting Irene cut open my noggin.


The Founder: So that’s a no?
Russell: That’s a hell’s no.

That was close.

The Founder