The sickos were either dead or trapped under rocks. We kept pushing, searching, took a turn and before we knew it, we were in the horde. Connie and I moved together, the sickos pushed forward, got between us, and her hand just slipped out of mine. I didn't find her again.


Negan: Oh, shit. My bad.
Alpha: Do not miss again. Many guardians were sacrificed. We must gather and replenish.
Negan: Well I really need to show y'all how to savor a victory.
Alpha: It is not a victory.

Stop. It's over, kid. This shit is done.


Daryl: You okay?
Ezekiel: Nah, I got cancer. But that’s okay, ya know what I’m saying?

Lady: Don't tell anyone yet.
Eugene: Will do, Waterloo. I promise.

Alden: Alexandria taken in another stray?
Earl: No, they are under lockdown.
Alden: They brought them to us before.

She trusted me to keep our chats mano-a-mano and you just made me break my promise. Now, go before I say something I truly regret.


Carol: Please don't hate me.
Daryl: I'm never gonna hate you.

Alpha wants me alive. Step towards me.


Gamma: I'm the one that knows Aaron.
Gabriel: We know who you are.
Gamma: The people you sent out, they're in trouble. They're trapped in a cave where Alpha has placed her horde. They could still be in there, they might have gotten out, I don't know.
Gabriel: You said the hord was in a field.
Gamma: It was.
Gabriel: Now it's in a cave?
Gamma: She moved it.
Gabriel: The whole thing, right before they got there?
Gamma: I'm just telling you what happened.
Gabriel: I'm not sure you are.
Gamma: I'm trying to help.
Rosita: Why?
Gamma: The baby that they left at Hilltop, he was my nephew, and I would do anything to see him again.
Gabriel: Where's the baby's mother?
Gamma: Dead.

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Alpha: Can you see beyond the darkness? Into the light?
Daryl: No.
Alpha: I'm tingling with joy. As I see the ones who brought me, all around us. Standing there, thank you.

Rosita: The last whisperer we had in here.
Gamma: You killed him?
Gabriel: No. I did.
Rosita: He was the one your people sent to spy on us. He killed my baby's father two days ago.