Scully: Are you that guy that met with Mulder last night?
Guy: What gave it away, Sculls?
Scully: He mentioned the forehead sweat.

It's not about the episode, Scully. It's about my memory of seeing my first Twilight Zone. It changed me. You don't forget that.


Top of the mornin' Agent Muldoon, what's on your mind?


Judy: I know what you want, bitch.
Scully: I want to talk about Arkie.
Judy: Came to the end of his rope!

Scully: You're saying you believe him.
Mulder: No, I'm just saying I think the kid's too stupid to make it up.

Judy: What are you, 40s? You're all dried up. Not even half a woman.
Scully: You can't hurt me, Judy.
Judy: Nothin' hurts like the truth.

Scully, you looked so adorbs just there, all curled up in a ball in the booth of a skanky bar with your fingers wrapped around the grip of an assassin's Glock.


Scully: Why do you operate so well with your hands cuffed behind your back?
Mulder: As if you didn't know.

Scully: We need your help, Walter, even if you don't trust us.
Skinner: What is this? How did we get here?

Mulder? Am I dead? If I am, they know that I know.


I don't know what I know. But I'll tell you what I do know. We gotta take a trip to IKEA.


Scully: Are you OK?
Mulder: I got my phone back.

The X-Files Quotes

Mulder: Air's gettin' a little hot in here.
O'Malley: Oh. Those don't roll down. I had the vehicle bulletproofed.
Mulder: Because you never know when a gun-toting liberal might go Hinkley.

Scully: I'm always happy to see you.
Mulder: And I'm always happy to find a reason.