Gutierrez: Holy Father, the manager of the restaurant and all the staff are wondering if you would give a benediction. They are all behind you waiting. If you were to turn around for them, it would be something of a minor miracle.
Lenny: No. It would be an exhibition.

Tomasso: What about you, Holy Father. What did you want to be when you were a child?
Lenny: I wanted to be a child.

Lenny: Do you believe in God?
Gutierrez: I...yes, I do.
Lenny: I don't. Those that believe in God don't believe in anything.

It's difficult for a saint to answer all the questions of humanity.


Archbishop Kurtwell, your disease has deceived you.


Every rule has its exceptions.


Lenny: You have no idea how many objectives can be obtained by humiliating one's fellow man. But there's a secret to it.
Sophie: What is it?
Lenny: The person humiliated can't realize they've been humiliated.
Sophie: If you don't mind my saying're diabolical.
Lenny: You think? People that know me well actually say I'm a saint.

He's battling against death which is the least interesting of the battles we're summoned to fight.


Lenny: Abortion is saying no to life.
Spencer: Who gives a damn about life? Life is not some stupid centerpiece on the side table of nothingness. Life is to be used and used well. To love and be loved.

Lenny: Science is the gift of God, and God taught us that ovulation is spontaneous.
Spencer: Ask a woman about that.

Lenny, you think you're the hinge, but you're the door.


We all deserve the right to start over, Bernardo.

Hotel manager