I have been told my whole life that I should be grateful and if I ever for a second act like I'm not grateful, people come at me all crazy like you're doing right now.


I never wanted to be special. I just wanted to blend in like everyone else, but that was never possible because I always stood out.


Randall: I said I need some air, as in give me space for a sec.
Kevin: Yeah, I've been giving you space for a while now.

Kevin: Listen I don't want to beat around the bush.
Randall: Water?
Kevin: I'm fine. Look, I feel like it would be easy for us to fall into catching up and get back into our rhythm without really talking. And I can't let that happen. Randall, there are some things I have to say to you.
Randall: Right. So here we go.

Beth: I wasn't finished.
Randall: What?
Beth: You know I like to drink the milk out of the cereal.
Randall: Sorry.
Beth: Randall, I know that Kevin's visit has you on edge, but let's not let the sweet, sweet milk suffer for it.

Beth: Is there anything else you want to say to me?
Tess: I know that you're trying. But you don't have to try with Deja or with Annie, and that makes me sad. Sometimes I wonder if we'll ever be close again.

Beth: I dreamed of the boys Tess would like and of walking her down the aisle to marry someone just like her father. And now I have to let that all go.
Carol: It's more than letting go. It's adjusting to what is. When you quit dance, I was hoping you'd go into academics. You weren't at all what I expected. But the woman you grew up to be wasn't any less beautiful. That's part of being a parent. Letting go of what you wanted and adjusting to what is. I just hope you do it faster than I did before you end up living with your daughter and trying to make up for 20 years of not adjusting.

Beth: I did not tread lightly.
Carol: So I heard.
Beth: Tess says she saw a look on my face when I walked in on her and Alex. A reaction to them being together.
Carol: Hmmm.
Beth: Mama, what's wrong with me? When Tess first came out to me I was totally fine but now I'm having trouble letting go.

Tess: That was mortifying.
Beth: Maybe you should have thought of that before you called me out my name.
Tess: Yeah, cause that's what you're mad about.
Beth: What is that supposed to mean?
Tess: I saw the look on your face when you opened the door and saw me with them.

I love my kids but I don't love spending 10 hours a day with them. I didn't mean that. I didn't mean that. Yes, I did. The few times I've done it, time has moved very very slowly.


Nicky: It just doesn't sit with me. My brother cuts me out of his life and replaces me with you and then you just swoop in and marry his wife.
Miguel: Swooped in? I married Rebecca thirteen years after Jack died. And if you're wondering every day if I spend time thinking about what Jack would have thought about that, the answer is yes. There is only one person I owe an explanation to and that's the one person I can never give one to. I certainly don't owe one to you.

Beth: Mom, do you know the difference between agender and bigender?
Carol: Bethany. Relax. Alex is a teenager, not the gender police. And yes, I do. I am a woman of these times.

This Is Us Quotes

Dad, Grandpa's gay. Or at least bi.


Randall: I think I lost two fathers, and if I had it my way I wouldn't have lost either one of them. So in answer to your first question, yes, I am aware that I am nothing but a cheap pawn on the Universe's chess table. I don't need a therapist in cheap shoes to tell me that. Sorry. That was uncalled for.
Therapist: That's okay. I live for this stuff.