Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe that didn't happen. Maybe... Just maybe you can outrun your fate on wings of gold. Google it.


King Midas had a gift. Everything he touched turned to gold. Everybody knows that part of the story. Funny — not so many know how King Midas died. Starvation, of course.


The boy lied to me, von Block. They all lie to me. Sons. Grandsons. I'm done with them. The lot of them. What do I need with successors, hm?


We've been brought up swimming in money. In a great big sea of the stuff. If you want to beat yourself, that's fine, that's great. Just make sure you can walk first.


Do exactly like I tell you, kid, and one day you could be running this place.

Primo [to Francesco]

Can you imagine spending eternity clinging to the thing that kills you?


Don't ever say that. Family is never finished.


To Salvatore. May he rest in peace.


Getty: Half a billion dollars. I trust you'll take my check.
Museum Curator: And why won't the Greeks take you on?
Getty: The Greeks will take me on. They will. But I'm not a government. I'm just money. Pure money. And I can do whatever I want.

What do you think this is, the fucking movies? Stories don't just stop.


Big Paul: You don't understand. If I sign, then he has got me. I mean, don't you remember the phone calls day and night? The visits, the repayment schedule, the bullying. That slowly, slowly sucks the life out of you until you are in a garage, at a party, stabbing yourself to death in the chest with a barbecue fork. It killed George. It killed him. And I can't do it. It'll kill me.
Gail: It's our son who will be killed!
Big Paul: I can't do it.

I washed his hair as a baby. Kissed him when he went to sleep at night. Kissed him in the morning. Tucked his hair behind his ears when he went to school. This is my son's.


Trust Season 1 Quotes

I am his girlfriend. They are decoration.


Nice? It's a Rubens, boy. He had a team of assistants that did all the hard work. Then he came in at the end and touched it up with a few strokes of brilliance. An assistant. That'd be nice.