Abe: Trust me.
Maj. Hewlett: Oh please.
Abe: OK, then trust the plan. You know it will work.

I can't stop seeing that bastard's face when he thanked me for giving up my friends.

Caleb(about Simcoe)

Arnold is the job that I've come for and I will see it done. If you poach that, I will kill you. Clear?

Sgt. Champe

Why does everyone love you?

Pvt. Sturrage (to Abe)

Abe: We'll pick this up tomorrow.
Maj. Hewlett: Should we survive to see it.

A plot?...Count me in.

Peggy [to Cicero]

It doesn't get any worse than Simcoe.


We made a pact once to finish him. And now we're both paying the price for not seeing it through.

Abe [to Hewlett]

Courtesy of Major Edmund Hewlett.

Maj. Hewlett [after throwing a dead body into the carriage]

Without New York, we cannot win.

Gen. Washington

Your opinions...no longer concern me.

Benedict Arnold [to his wife]

I made a vow to deal with Hewlett face-to-face.