You see the way Daniel looks at her? It's like how Betty looks at a cheeseburger


Marc: You do not want to know what I had to do to get this... okay I'll tell you
Wilhelmina: No, no
Marc: But i had a really good quip!

Betty: Or when your dog eats all my food
Amanda: That was "Bad Ronald"
Betty: There is no "Bad Ronald," it's you, "Bad Amanda"

Wilhelmina: I might as well resign myself to never having a man around
Christina: I wouldn't do that.. cause uh.. you're having a boy
Wilhelmina: Really?
Christina: Yes, Wilhelmina, you're having a little baby boy

The sound of clinking ice cubes.. its like a Scottish lullaby


Amanda: Every week the village voice lists all the gallery openings in Chelsea. I always pick the ones with the ugliest art
Betty: Why?
Amanda: They have the best booze. They figure the drunker you are, the more likely you are to actually buy all this crap
Betty: I actually think this is really neat
Amanda: Okay, now I'm cutting you off

Amanda: Don't you ever get free samples of ice cream?
Betty: Yeah but then I buy an ice cream cone
Amanda: Of course you do

Wilhelmina: Let's grab a drink
Christina: I'm seven months pregnant with your child
Wilhelmina: Well you can watch. I'll drink for all three of us. Come on

The thunder from down under keeps asking when you'll be back

Marc [to Wilhelmina about Connor]

Claire: ...and your weakness for having sex in public places
Daniel: That was only one time... and that wasn't a public place... until they moved the truck

Wilhelmina: One of the reasons I hired you as my surrogate is for the fierce arrogance of the Scottish people. Your entire country would be insulted if I held your hand at the doctor's office. You're our Braveheart
Marc: Our brave uterus

Wilhelmina: Why do i even care what he thinks? He's just... a man.. with the most ruthlessly sharp business sense I've ever seen... impeccable fashion sense
Marc: Tantalizingly large hands...

Ugly Betty Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Betty: I warned you that that place was too expensive didn't I? you just said you had to eat ramen
Christina: Which would have worked if Amanda wasn't eating all my ramen... and she denies it! She just says there's an old crazy man who lives inside my walls and comes out at night to eat my food. She calls him "Bad Ronald."

Betty: I can barely pay my rent, oh, which is due tomorrow. I almost forgot.
Hilda: Is juice moocher pitching in?
Betty: Well I've been dropping hints all week
Hilda: Yeah, have you tried, "Where's my rent, bitch?"
Betty: No