I'm your assistant and it's my responsibility to do whatever you ask, even if it is offensive to the handicapable

My god that woman will do anything for an open bar

Marc [about Claire breaking out of prison and coming to Black & White Ball]

or i could have written in my journal cause I'm pretty sure the last thing it said was "I want to marry Lance Bass, I Love him"

Black and White ball, huh? It looks like an all white ball to me


Marc [whispers to Wilhelmina]: Michael Bolton, not the good one
Wilhelmina: Oh hi, nice to meet you
Marc [whispers to Wilhelmina]: Bradford Meade, you're engaged to him

You gotta work for your celebrity, does Paris Hilton just get everything handed to her? Oh wait, that celubtard works hard to stay in the news


Gio: Every time you make an excuse I'm going to quack
Betty: You have no right to quack, you don't know my life. My dad is stuck in Mexico
Gio: Quack!
Betty: Seriously and my sister's fiance..
Gio: Quack!

This one almost went it, but I touched something gross on the pole

Justin [showing pictures of him playing basketball to Hilda]

Christina: Is this real? Am I pinning an endangered species here?
Wilhelmina: If you really want to feel bad I have a hat made of bald eagle

Vasquez: Sometimes I wake up, I miss my wife, sometimes my flan
Ignacio: You're insane
Vasquez: Just hungry

Amanda: Grubstank...
Henry: It's grubstick. Grubstick. Got it? It's one of the oldest and most honored names in Dutch history, which loosely translated to he who gives the fairest price for his bricks. The name is venerated and I am proud to be a Grubstick
Amanda: Did he just get really hot?
Marc: I've never been more attracted to anyone in my life

Amanda: I'm actually kinda bummed that Mr Meade isn't my father, he is rich and bald
Marc: Your Daddy Warbucks fantasy
Amanda: I don't know why it's so strong

Ugly Betty Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Amanda: Those are the DNA results.
Daniel: So.. um, how many times you think we...
Amanda: A lot.. But just remember, if your dad's DNA does match mine, we're only half brother and sister, which means if we did it like twenty times, it was only wrong ten.
Daniel: Okay, that actually made sense to me...Oh my god, you are so my sister!

The whole world is telling us we should not be not together, we're like melon and apricot