Clara: It worked! He asked me to come by the stable again tomorrow. It ain't gon be long 'fore he do whatever I ant him for do.
Ernestine: Good. 'Cause you gon use him to get me off this island.

Smoke: You should really be coming South with us.
Patty: I think I'm gonna stick around here for a bit. It's a really nice house. You two bring momma back.

That's what they make you think, that freedom is a place. But it ain't. We make ourselves free by the choices we make. Rosalee, my first choice as a free man is you. I'll follow you anywhere.


I'm sick of hiding. I'm sick of secrets. I am a slave stealer so if you're going to brand me then do it!


This thing we do, hurting each other over and over, we ain't come up with it. We just keep telling the story they wrote for us. you get hit out in them fields and that shame come and hit me. And I let you because I got so much shame of my own for the things I done to survive, that I think I deserve it.


I spent years out in the field looking at the horizon. Here's the thing about it, you can never quite get to it, can you?


Image is important. A single photo can do more to alter the perception of the race than any vile word shouted in hatred.


I ain't never had no family but I'm starting to understand the pull of it.


Act like you own the world and that's exactly how they gon treat you.


Them embers reminded a nigga like me what happens when you take money out of the pocket of a white man. What I learned on my journey towards freedom is there is nothing in your past you can't forge into a weapon.


When I close my eyes at night and try to remember my real mother, it gets harder every time and I'm terrified that one of these nights I'm gonna close my eyes and see nothing. The minute that these men took up the cause, the minute they called themselves abolitionists, they put a target on their back. I lived with one most of my life. there's nothing easy about this secret.


Georgia: Is that what you think? that I do this because it's easy?
Elizabeth: I don't know what to think. You won't talk to me.

Underground Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

You ain't got no family but we.


It's hard to untether how much I care for the cause with how far I'm willing to go for it. While I admire Georgia's resilient efforts towards peace, the fervor and forthrightness of John Brown's followers is hard to deny. It speaks to the anger that has consumed me since John's death.