I can’t believe she’s not trying to give us a sign. There’s never a damn pottery wheel when you need one.


Wynonna: Why are you playing the old hag’s game?
Rosita: I am a survivor.
Wynonna: Last words that will look super ironic on your tombstone.
Rosita: The more you choke, the harder I get.
Wynonna: OK, boner.

Wynonna: All right, Rosita, follow the path. The Ammolite will keep you safe.
Rosita: Yeah, from searing agony or you?
Wynonna: The rumbling you heard was Bulshar ending the curse. All right, there’s no Earp versus revenant thing anymore. We’re good. We don’t need to fight.
Rosita [to Doc]: It was your baby too.
Doc: I suppose you did what you did to survive, and I forgive you.
Wynonna: Totes. Water under the bridge.
Rosita: Mega convincing. I can smell the grudge on you like stale beer and Bubba Kush.
Wynonna: That’s the smell of my house almost burning down.
Rosita: Pinky swear you won’t hurt me?
Wynonna: How old are you?
Rosita: Pinky swear.
Wynonna: Oh my gawd. We hereby pinky swear we will not harm a hair on your head.
Rosita: Or anywhere else on my body. The devil’s in the details.
Wynonna: All right, whatever.

Wynonna: What happened to women betraying women?
Rosita: I saw an opening. I jumped on it.
Wynonna: I’ll say. You’re like a sexy spider monkey.
Rosita: You lied.
Wynonna: I promised not to hurt you, so help me god, I am trying to keep my word.

Nedley: So you’re going to chat with Nicole through a creeper.
Waverly: Reaper. Someone in this room made it their bitch and then tossed it down the stairs, and I think that someone was a ginger goddess. Besides, anyone got a better idea?

Demon Nun: To the death or you’ll never see your little toy again.
Wynonna: You know what, if you had your own little toy, maybe you wouldn’t be so uptight.

Waverly: Is she dead?
Jeremy: Technically. [Frog ribbits] Yes, it worked. It worked.
Waverly: What worked?
Jeremy: Can’t you see? She’s in the frog.
Waverly: You put my girlfriend into a frog?
Jeremy: And you’re welcome.

Wynonna: Rosita, of all the revenants that could have survived, it’s busty, brainy, baby-stealing Ro-fucking-sita?
Rosita: So this is it?
Wynonna: This is what?
Rosita: Seventy-six down, one to go. You’re going to kill me last like you said.
Wynonna: Done.
Doc: There will be no killing, as much as I also crave the satisfaction.

Waverly: Ugh, OK well, should I kiss them?
Nedley: Worth a shot.
Ghost Nicole: Uh no, no, it is not. I am not in the frog.
Waverly: OK, come here, little princess. Just keep your tongue to yourself, OK.

Rosita: What the hell? You’re trading me?
Wynonna: It’s better than killing you. Forgiveness? Well, now look who’s holding a grudge. My gun.
Rosita: What are they going to do with me?
Wynonna: I didn’t ask. I just need to save my friend.
Rosita: There was a time I thought you and I were friends.
Wynonna: Rosita, it’s just survival.
Rosita: Why does it always involve women betraying women?

Rosita: If the Earp curse is done Wynonna, why do you still need Peacemaker?
Wynonna: Because my work isn’t done.
Wynonna [to Peacemaker]: And neither is yours, with your holier than thou attitude, deciding who gets to wield your rusty ass. You think I’m not worthy. Judgy tool. You’re the one hiding like a little bitch.
Rosita: Wynonna, they’re coming.
Wynonna [to Peacemaker]: The curse may be over, but you know what, our enemies won’t stop coming just because we want them to. And I know you want what I want: to keep kicking evil ass. Enough bullshit. I do what needs to be done ‘cause I’m a hero, and you know what, sometimes, that makes me a killer.
Demon Nun: If you won’t fight, you’re both going to die.
Wynonna: Holy fuck. Come to mama. Hey, sexy. I missed you, too.

Holt: I wanted to talk to you man to man. I’ve been thinking about what you said: ‘The blood we shed damns us all.’ I’m tired, Holliday. I’m tired of this fight. Having a beef with anyone’s people that I even barely know because my ancestors lost an unfair shootout.
Doc: No disrespect, but your ancestors were drunken assholes.
Holt: As were your friends and…
Doc: I was their asshole king. People can change.
Holt: I believe that. I got a job now where I can do some real good, and there’s a woman who works at the diner, and I would love nothing more than to be able to invite her out to dinner at Shorty’s and not having to worry about an Earp shooting me in the back.
Doc: So, we set enmity aside for the sake of those that bare our names, present and future?
Holt: Not the past.
Doc: I’m damn near 170 years old, Sheriff. The past is but a burden. What’s done is done.

Wynonna Earp Quotes

Waverly: I thought I had lost you.
Nicole: No! I’m just having some baby carrots!

Nicole: I think this would be a good time to tell you that I am a lesbian.
Wynonna: Oh, like you never went through an experimental phase!
Nicole: Not with gnomes!
wynonna: well, that’s very narrow-minded, nicole! love is love!