I believe you, Kelsey. And I wish I didn't. But you deserve to get what you want, I just wish you wanted more. And if you do one day, if you want more than just business advice from me, it's going to have to be your move. Okay? You're going to have to reach out. Good luck with your pitches.


Charles: I've been thinking, the trip to Scotland, I don't know if that's the right thing. The kids...
Liza: No, you're right. I was thinking the same thing. You deserve time alone with the girls. It's fine.
Charles: What I mean is kids don't belong on a honeymoon.
Liza: What?

I'm going to get back to work, but seriously Josh, unload on me.


Kelsey: There's so many of them.
Lauren: Yeah, that's because this is an issue that affects so many girls. I mean, imagine having rampant hormones and being on the verge of womanhood in this era. There are no men in here for a reason. They would tear their pussy-grabbing limbs off like a pride of lionesses.
Kelsey: Terrifying pep talk. Thanks.

Author: With matters of the heart, be clear and direct. Write them a 'Dear John' letter.
Diana: Isn't that a little old fashioned? I mean, do millennials even know how to hold pens?

The problem with memories is they lock us in the past, and we both need to move forward. As much as I want you in my life, I can't right now. And I hope you understand why.


Josh: Then just say it. Just say it. Say you love him more than you love me.
Liza: Is that what you need to hear?
Josh: Yes.
Liza: Then fine. I love him more.
Josh: You know, you forget Liza. I know you. I know when you're lying, especially to yourself. You wrote a letter to the wrong guy.

Liza: She got the money, honey. And that is why you have a job. That is why we all have a job. She's a goddamn hero.
Lauren: Told you. Shero.

You're going to be so smart, baby girl. You're going to go to Google daycare and then just skip straight to college.


Liza: I don't know about you, but I didn't know what I wanted in my twenties.
Diana: Oh, you mean two weeks ago?

Charles: It made you get on a plane to fly out here. I think that's what we need to talk about.
Liza: I just didn't want you to see it and wonder.
Charles: Yeah, I don't have to see that to wonder. Everybody's got a past. But, in order to have a future, you move on from it.
Liza: Some people. Other people live in the past in order to have a future.
Charles: Mmm. Is that what you want to keep doing?
Liza: No. It's too complicated. And that last-minute plane ticket was really expensive. I'm not going to see Josh anymore.

I think this is crazy. She lied to you, made you all complicit, and now, it's threatening your business. But you want to let her get away with it allowing her to endanger the company. You're refusing to put out a very preventable fire. Write her a nice recommendation and get her out before she poisons the whole company.