Clary: You never told me you knew how to ice skate.
Jace: Well, I don’t ... yet. I was kinda hoping you could show me how it’s done.
Clary: It’s been a while since I’ve been on the ice. What gave you this idea?
Jace: Well, there’s a photo on your dresser of you and your mom. You’re at Rockefeller Center and you look really happy in your little skate costume. I knew it was something I had to do for you.
Clary: That’s so thoughtful.

Clary: Did you miss me?
Jonathan: I told you I did.
Clary: Next time you want to send a message like that ... use email.
Jonathan: I’ll admit it was a little dramatic. It got your attention, didn’t it?
Clary: Being back at the Institute ... having to play Jace’s virginal little girl again ... it got real old real fast. I missed our life together.

Jonathan: That was incredible.
Clary: You killed a man, Jonathan. A Shadowhunter.
Jonathan: And I did it for you. Seeing him in your arms like that ... so vulnerable. It wasn’t like any kill I’d done before. Clary, it felt so good! You make me good!
Clary: That’s not what good is, Jonathan. Killing like that should never feel good!

Clary: Jonathan, if you’re looking for pity, you’re wasting your breath.
Jonathan: I’m not looking for pity, just understanding. I can’t deny the things I’ve done, but it’s behind me now. I can change. I want to change because whatever good exists inside of you, at least some of that has to be inside of me too. Somewhere. I intend to prove that to you.

Lilith: Losing Jonathan, hearing him call for me with his final breath was the single most painful moment of my very long life.
Clary: You say that like you loved him?
Lilith: Why wouldn’t I?
Clary: Demons aren’t capable of love.
Lilith: A failing of frail human imagination. Demons live, we die, we feed, we lay. Why wouldn’t we love like you? I need to care for Jonathan like you and your father never would.
Clary: If there’s one thing Valentine and I can agree on, is the fact that the world is a much better place with a monster like Jonathan dead and buried.
[Lilith slaps Clary and uses magic to bind her]
Lilith: My son is not a monster!

Lilith: Oh, anger isn’t a good look on you. Neither are those clothes.
[She snaps her fingers and two acolytes appear beside Clary]
Lilith: Get her cleaned up and into a change of clothes for her brother’s rebirth. Perhaps something blue? That’s what your kind wears when a lost returns, isn’t it?

Clary: Let me talk to him. Please. Give him back to me. I can’t lose him again.
Jace: There is no version of this where your Jace wakes up and comes home.
Clary: Jace, if you can hear me in there. I will never give up on you. Never.
[She head butts Jace and runs for it. He catches her.]
Jace: The life you knew is gone. You belong to Lilith now.

Clary: If you were at Lake Lin, and it was Aline instead of Jace, what would you have done?
Consul Penhallow: I know your mother raised you as a Mundane, with the idealistic belief that love comes above all. If I’d been at Lake Lin, we’d still have Raziel’s wish. Because being a shadowhunter is about sacrifice. That’s the one thing you’ve never understood, but maybe now you will.
[She steps back]
Consul Penhallow: Clarissa Fairchild, you are hereby sentenced to death.

Clary: Jace, this isn’t you!
[He lifts her over the edge of a roof]
Clary: Jace, I know you’re still in there. I know you won’t kill me. Jace, I love you.
[He pulls her close]
Jace: I don’t love you. Not anymore.
[He throws her off a roof and she falls on a car]

Jace: I’m thinking of going to the City of Bones for treatment.
Clary: The Silent brothers?
Jace: They have a history of helping shadowhunters with mental health issues.
Clary: Jace, we don’t know that’s what you’re going through.
Jace: There’s a family history.
Clary: But you didn’t start feeling this way until after you were brought back. Do you really think that’s a coincidence?
Jace: I think it was a trigger for something that’s always been there. Look, I can’t sit benched and do nothing. If there’s even a chance that the Silent Brothers can even help then that’s...
Clary: But what if they can’t? Jace, the Clave would deem you unfit for duty. You’d be de-runed.
Jace: And what choice do I have? I can’t live like this.

Isabelle: Can I borrow a dress? I need something Mundane to wear.
Clary: Going undercover?
Isabelle: Something like that.
Clary: Izzy, is there something going on?
Isabelle: Ugh, I’m going out tonight...with the doctor.
Clary: Tell me everything!
Isabelle: It’s just dinner. I’m only doing it so he can leave me alone.
Clary: Well, then why go out with him at all?
Isabelle: You’re right. I should cancel.

Isabelle: All the guys I’ve been with, sex was always a big part of it. With Raphael, it was about everything but that. He made me feel like I wanted so much more.
Clary: So why end it?
Isabelle: We thought we couldn’t be together without being tempted by our old habits. But, Raphael and I, there’s something about us that just fits.

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Curtis: This is my favorite part.
Oliver: Suit up.

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Felicity: Look tough.
Curtis: Grr.

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