Clary: I love you.
Simon: Don't...don't do that.
Clary: Why?
Simon: Because you don't mean it the way I mean it! You never have. Ever since we were kids, I've been in love with you. Every minute of every day. You're the first person I thought of when I woke up. Always have been. If the Seelie Queen had asked that question, "kiss the one you most desire," no one would have even come close. There's something between you and Jace, and you can't deny it.
Clary: I don't know. Maybe...maybe deep down...but Simon, there's nothing like you and me. It's nothing like it.
Simon: But it's enough...enough for me to know. Kissing you, trying to be more than was a mistake.

Seelie Queen: It's simple really; all I ask is a kiss.
Clary: You want one of us to kiss you?
Seelie Queen: The game isn't for me. It's for you, Clary. The kiss that will set them free is the kiss you most desire. I suggest you move quickly. Once the vines reach their necks, the boys will be dead...dead...dead.
Clary: Jace is wrong; this is exactly like middle school.
Simon: Clary, just kiss me so we can go home.
[She kisses him and the vines tighten]
Clary: Why are the vines still here?
Seelie Queen: Why do you think?
Clary: I did what you asked.
Simon: Clary...
Seelie Queen: You can fool yourself but not the Vitas Veritas.
[She goes to Jace]
Clary: This means nothing.
[They kiss and the vines loosen]

Imogen: Six shadowhunters are dead. Don't let your emotions cloud your judgment.
Clary: Isn't fear an emotion? Because that's all this is. Tracking people because of the kind of blood they have, locking them up without recourse. Is that what the Clave stands for?
Imogen: Your idealism is charming, but when they wheel in the next dead Shadowhunter with their runes carved out, what will you tell their families? What will your ideals have done for any of them? Put her downstairs with the vampire.
[They move Maia away]

Clary: My mother just died. I feel the pain of that every day. I couldn't shut that out even if I could try.
Sebastian: I'm sorry to hear that. And I heard Jace just find out he isn't Valentine's son.
Clary: What does that have to do with anything?
Sebastian: Think about it. Your father has never really been your father, you've just lost your mother, and the brother you thought you had isn't your brother.
Clary: Jace...right before my runes stopped working that's when he told me.
Sebastian: That's what broke it all. The pain of losing the one last person you thought was family. You need to let that in, Clary.
Clary: Believe me I have.
Sebastian: Really?

Simon: Why didn't you tell me? I found out Jace isn't your brother. I was thinking maybe that the reason you didn't tell me is because there's still a thing. So that he's not your big brother...
Clary: No, no, Simon. Okay, look, the reason I didn't tell you is I didn't want you to worry and spin, and instead all I made you do is worry and spin. I'm so sorry.
[They get close]
Simon: So we're good?
Clary: I'm not that easy to get rid of.
[They laugh]

Valentine: You're my daughter.
Clary: Why would that stop you? Jace is your son. You've hurt him plenty.
[Valentine evil smiles]
Valentine: You didn't tell her.
Clary: Tell me what?
Valentine: You must still have feelings for her, huh? Now isn't that a pickle.
Jace: Not another word.
Clary: What is he talking about?
Valentine: You want to do the honors or shall I?
Jace: Shut up!
[Jace punches Valentine]
Valentine: It's rude to keep a girl waiting, Jace.
Clary: Jace, what is going on?!
Jace: Valentine is not my father...I'm not your brother, Clary.

Clary: Oh my God! Simon, are you okay?
Valentine: Simon's fine. We've just been having a nice talk. You know he told me your greatest wish was to get to know your old man. Which is fine because it's always been my wish to get to know my daughter. And so, I'm here and waiting for you. And frankly, I've been losing my patience.
[Slices Simon's throat]
Valentine: Vampires have 40 minutes before he turns to dust. Come quickly, Clarissa. He needs blood to survive.
[Hangs up video call]

Clary: This is so weird.
Simon: Are my fangs in the way? Because I could totally...
Clary: No, you're fine. It's just the canoe is a little small. Ouch!
Simon: Be careful.
[They shift around]
Clary: I can't believe I let you talk me into this.
[They kiss]
Simon: It's okay. I got you.
Clary: Oh great, in that case we'll just go down together.
Simon: Well, I mean, I'm pretty sure this thing is untippable.
Clary: Oh yea?
Simon: Yea.
Clary: We'll just have to see about that.
[They kiss and takes off his shirt]

Clary: I can't let Valentine activate the soul whatever happens, you can't let him take me alive.
Simon: Alright. Clary, you're kinda freaking me out.
Clary: Trust me, I've thought about it and Magnus was right.
Simon: What are you talking about?
Clary: I would rather die than let Valentine destroy the Downworld. I need you to promise me if Valentine ever gets to me again...
Simon: No, absolutely not!
Jace: I promise. If it ever comes to that, I won't let him take you alive.

Clary: Is this because of Maia? I don't want you to think we can't be best friends because you're seeing someone.
Simon: No, you see that's it! I don't want to see anyone...anyone else. I'm in love with you, Clary. But I realize that you might not feel the same way and it might get weird...
[She kisses him]
Simon: We did that?
Clary: We did.
Simon: We did.
[They giggle]
Simon: How was it? Was it, you know...?
Clary: Weird?
Simon: Yea...
Clary: In the best way possible.

Clary: What are you doing to me?! The sounds in my head. It's coming from Valentine, aren't they?
Cleophas: What sounds?
Clary: It's getting louder!
Cleophas: Give me my hearing rune. Here.
[Traces rune]
Cleophas: It's not possible...
Clary: What is it? Tell me. What is Valentine doing to me?!
Cleophas: It is not Valentine, it is an angel.
Clary: Angel?
Cleophas: Here on earth. I think he's holding him captive. The angel is crying out for help. could you...

Clary: I can bring my mom back, Jace. Our mom.
Jace: You can't, Clary.
Clary: She wasn't supposed to die, Jace. It was a mistake - a freak demon attack. I want more time with her.
Jace: So do I. But you never know what you're going to get back, there are always risks. You could very well conjure a demon in Jocelyn's form.
Clary: You said "could." She could also come back the same, right?
Jace: Look, I know you want her back, but you have to trust me, Clary.

Arrow Quotes

Thea: I'm going to miss you. Everyday I miss you.
Oliver: Goodbye Speedy.
Thea: Bye Ollie.

I'm tired of waiting for the day when people stop being afraid of the Glades and start coming here to raise their families. To find opportunities for growth and change. To uplift our brothers and sisters. To be better than we ever were before. If we keep waiting, we might run out of time. That's why, from here on out, we don't wait for our future in the Glades. We make our future now.