Clary: You think I should go?
Isabelle: Of course not. No one in Idris is going to teach you how to fight in five-inch heels.

Simon: Anything?
Clary: Sorry, I'm still figuring out this tracking stuff. You know Isabelle says I need to clear my mind, but it's kinda hard to be zen when you're a Shadowhunter.
Simon: If only I had check in, called her once in a while instead of totally avoiding her.
Clary: Well, maybe it's worth telling her the truth?
Simon: What?! Come out of the coffin? Do you have any idea how she would react?
Clary: Well, there's only one way to find out.

Jocelyn: Honey, there's still so much you don't know.
Clary: And whose fault is that?! Everyone says Valentine is the monster, but just tried to murder your own son!

Clary: Alec's right, I'm not one of you. I'm just some girl from Brooklyn who went out to celebrate her birthday and came back with a present she never wanted...and can't return.
Isabelle: You don't want to return that present. It's a blessing.
Clary: Not for me. I just...I want to feel normal again, Isabelle. I want my life back.
Isabelle: I'm sure, but don't you get it? You have a target on your back. The Institute is the safest place for you. You have a new life now, you have me, and that's not going to change.

Isabelle: Did you study "The Art of War"?
Clary: It's not on the reading list at art school.
Isabelle: You should learn it. Sun Tzu gives excellent advice.
[Fight break]
Clary: Like what?
Isabelle: "Move swift as the wind, and closely formed as the wood. Attacks like fire." But my favorite: "To know your enemy, you must become your enemy."

Arrow Quotes

Curtis: This is my favorite part.
Oliver: Suit up.

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Felicity: Look tough.
Curtis: Grr.

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