Neil: I was terrified that if we talked, I mean really talked, that everything we were would end.
Grace: And now look at us.
Neil: I'm still hoping we find our way back.
Grace: That is all I ever wanted. Simon was just a door for me to try and find this part of myself so I could come back into our marriage and fight for us. But now it's over. So. [They kiss passionately] Let's just not make this messier than it is. [She leaves]

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Satisfaction Season 2 Episode 1: "Satisfaction...Through Release"
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Satisfaction Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

You pimp out my husband and then you hire me to decorate your house? What kind of monster are you?!


Neil: We need to talk.
Grace: Is this about Simon...
Neil: I don't give a shit about him. Grace!
Grace: What?
Neil: Daniel's wife paid me to have sex with her. She's not the only one either.
Grace: What?
Neil: After I saw you with Simon that day, I got ahold of his phone, access to his clients, and I experimented.
Grace: You experimented? Experimented with what?
Neil: Being a paid escort.
Grace: Are you joking? Is this a joke?
Neil: Look. If all of this comes out right now, then other people will be dragged into this, and we'll be at a huge risk. I had to take precautions.