Jessica: What would you like me to do?
Angela: That's the thing. You don't have to do anything. Saw you on TV. You want to save the city; it looks good on you, but we were surviving before you got here, and we will be surviving after you move on.
Jessica: I'm trying to get to know you.
Angela: Then try to get to know us. We don't need charity. We don't need expensive steaks, and we definitely don't need to be saved by you so you could feel better about yourself.

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Pearson Season 1 Episode 2: "The Superintendent"
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Pearson Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Jessica: You brought me in to put out your fires Mr. Mayor.
Bobby: Not the ones you goddamn start!

Two birds. Instead of telling the public why you brought me in which you should have had an answer for this morning, show them!