I have been asked to explain my own role in the managing of illegality at the firm and associated coverups. And it has been suggested I would be a suitable figure to absorb the anger and concern. But. The truth is that my father is a malignant presence, a bully, and a liar, and he was fully personally aware of these events for many years and made efforts to hide and cover up. He had a twisted sense of loyalty to bad actors like Lester McClintock and disregard for the safety of migrant workers, non-union, and union workers and for vulnerable performers and guests. My father keeps a watchful eye over every inch of his whole empire, and the notion that he would have allowed millions of dollars in compensation and settlements to be paid without his explicit approval is utterly fanciful. I have with me today copies of records that show his personal sign off. How much those of us who executed his wishes is for another day, but I think this is the day his reign ends.


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Succession Season 2 Episode 10: "This Is Not for Tears"
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Succession Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Sails up toes out, bro.


Logan: So. What do you think?
Hugo: Me? If you added Carolina, that's a decent bundle of leadership meat to feed the sharks.
Logan: Slipper cunt. Knife your boss? You're a nasty bastard, aren't you?