Will: Why did you come here?
Rap: War.
Will: War. With us?
Rap: Enemy.
Andrew: You're goddamn right you're the enemy.
Will: You had an enemy before you came here.
Rap: Yes.
Will: Not humans. You mean another species from somewhere else.
Rap: Escape. Flee. Pursuit.
Will: You're on the run from them.
Rap: Yes.
Vincent: Why do you need us?
Rap: Resource.
Vincent: You wanted our resources?
Will: We are the resource.
Rap: Labor.
Katie: What are you building?
Rap: Defense.
Andrew: Defense? You slaughtered hundreds of millions of human beings.
Rap: Human. Ally.
Katie: You think you're our ally?
Rap: Enemy pursuit.
Will: Your enemy is coming here to earth.
Rap: Yes.
Will: What will they do when they get here?
Rap: Zero.
Vincent: They'll do nothing?
Will: I don't think that's what it meant.
Rap: Total annihilation. Human = ally = partner. That's why our enemy is your enemy. We are your defense.

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Colony Season 3 Episode 3: "Sierra Maestra"
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Colony Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Katie: I want to see it, the Click.
Andrew: Well, of course, once you've proven yourselves.
Katie: I think we proved ourselves when we brought you the gauntlet.

Katie: Your defector, can you communicate with it.
Andrew: It's not a defector. It's a prisoner of war.