Jordan: Uh, Perry, this is your son. Not a rescued pit bull. Give him a kiss.
Dr. Cox: Jordan, he's starting to look like a guy and I'm just not real big on kissing guys. I mean, when my father wanted to show me affection, he would just purposely miss when he threw bottles at my head.

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Perry Cox, Jordan Sullivan
Scrubs Season 5 Episode 9: "My Half-Acre"
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Scrubs Season 5 Episode 9 Quotes

Well, it seems I've stumbled into the "time-well-spent" ward. Back to your cage, Ted.

Dr. Kelso

E.liot: Yeah, I'm sure you said something that sucked the romance out of the moment. You used to do that all the time when we were dating.
J.D.: Like when?
(Flashback to J.D. and Elliot in bed)
J.D.: Are you getting thicker, you feel thicker?