Donna: Is that why you haven't sent mom or dad money, for the last three months? They depend on it.
Becky: Okay, this is over, I know that Donna. I spoke to mom and dad, and told them that when I get the money, that I would be giving it to them, okay?
Donna: Well, I've been picking up your slack. You're welcome.

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Empire Season 6 Episode 3: "You Broke Love"
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Empire Season 6 Episode 3 Quotes

Teri: Our Angel. We're so, so happy to have you.
Andre: Yes we are.

Kingsley: Congratulations, little bro. A new Lyon cub in the den, I am so proud. What, no hug? I missed you, man.
Andre: Yeah, this isn't happening. This is my anti-rejection meds causing hallucinations.
Kingsley: Don't do that, Andre. We're brothers. We got a lot to do. You're going to need me if we're going to keep Empire.
Andre: Keep?
Kingsley: We both know the old man's coming back. He killed me when I took the throne. You want that to happen to you?
Andre: You shot yourself, Kingsley.
Kingsley: He drove me to that. You, with your mental health challenges, you're vulnerable to his attacks. We have to secure the legacy for our little prince in there. Let's talk.