Annie: Have you called her yet?
Beth: No.
Annie: Are you gonna?
Beth: She's talking to the F.B.I.
Annie: Yeah, they were gonna lock Stan up. They were gonna take her kids. I mean, she's obviously, like, sick about it.
Beth: Yeah. She should be. She almost turned us in.
Annie: Yeah, almost.
Beth: So, you're just gonna trust her?
Annie: I've known her for like ten thousand years.
Beth: Exactly.
Annie: Well, you don't just throw that away over almost.

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Good Girls Season 2 Episode 8: "Thelma and Louise"
Good Girls
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Good Girls Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Rio: They put your panties in his mouth?
Beth: Don't say panties.
Rio: Oh please don't tell me you call them underwear, don't be that lady.
Beth: None of this is funny.

So. I love you, I mean obvs. Whatever's not half as bad as I feel, okay? I'm as low as it gets. I'm disgusting. I'm sewage. You know how they drain it for fertilizer or whatever, I'm what they can't use. I'm the sewage so rancid they have to bury it a hundred miles in the earth and hope that no one ever finds it. I'm that garbage.

Ruby [to Beth]