Andy: I’m an orphan. I’m an orphan.
Sullivan: Me too.
Andy: What? Uh, why didn’t I know this?
Sullivan: I don’t talk about it. Plane crash.
Andy: Oh my god. What… that… how old were you?
Sullivan: Um, 16.
Andy: And then you got married, and then your wife died, and then your friend Ripley died. We’re all we have.

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Station 19 Season 3 Episode 13: "Dream a Little Dream of Me"
Station 19
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Station 19 Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

Pruitt: If you see a fire put it out, then move on to the next one. Whatever you do, don’t stick around once the fire’s out. There is no life to be lived in the ashes. Let them blow away.
Andy: Good night, daddy.
Pruitt: Good night, Andrea.
Andy: Good-bye, daddy.
Pruitt: See you later.

When I was a kid, my dad used to do this thing when I was sad. He would open all the blinds and let all the light in, and say, ‘Casas brillantes, corazones brillantes.’ Bright house, bright hearts. He was so good at… at pulling me back.