M.K.: Haven't you been listening to Sunny? My gift, it's gone.
The Widow: What if I told you there are ways to reactivate your power?

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Into the Badlands Season 2 Episode 9: "Nightingale Sings No More"
Into the Badlands
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Into the Badlands Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes, Into the Badlands Quotes
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Into the Badlands Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Gabriel: What is it?
Quinn: Just taste it. Congratulations, Gabriel. You are now part of a very select society. One of only two men in this entire army to have ever tasted ice cream!

Bajie: Where did you get this book? You can trust me.
Flea: My father. He gave it to me before he disappeared.
Bajie: Can you read it?
Flea: Father only taught me one word: Azra.
Bajie: Azra. Well, that's a good start. This book. This stays between us, OK? I'm Bajie. What's your name?
Flea: Minerva.
Bajie: Well Minerva, it seems that dear mother Fate has brought us together for a reason.