What's this bitch doing in my room?


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The Magicians Season 2 Episode 7: "Plan B"
The Magicians
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The Magicians Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes, The Magicians Quotes
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The Magicians Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Professor Lipson: Have you seen the Twilight movies? [continues examining Julia's stomach]. Specifically the last one?
Julia: No.
Professor Lipson: That's probably for the best.

Alice: Just let me take over your body. For the tiniest little bit. I'll be good. I'll be so good.
Quentin: No. That's crazy.
Alice: So I have to be a Niffin, yet I don't even get to be a Niffin? I could travel the universe. I could see things you couldn't even imagine. Instead, I have to be bored and stuck with you.