Alex: Today, I risked my life for it. I jumped straight across without hesitating, without even thinking. And to be honest? That wasn't even the tallest building that I have jumped off of in the line of duty.
J'onn: You are someone who makes the hard choices, Alex. You go the extra mile.
Alex: Yeah, exactly. That's who I am. It's just baked into me. Jumping buildings, making enemies, that's all part of the job. But the irony here is, is that the thing that I had to do to save myself, is the very same thing that could have killed me. I mean one more inch and I would have died, and then, where would she be?

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Supergirl Season 3 Episode 20: "Dark Side of the Moon"
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Supergirl Season 3 Episode 20 Quotes

Winn: You seem more stoic and grave than usual, which if we're being honest is making me a little bit queasy. What haven't you told me?
J'onn: Reign is becoming immune to Miss Luthor's synthetic Kyrptonite faster than we expected.

Supergirl and I may not see eye to eye, but there is one thing we can agree on, and that's that you need to be stopped. So enjoy your moment in the sun, Reign, because we are going to save Sam, and end you.